Wednesday, 17 April 2013


1. Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?
Ans. He disagreed because he considered it a murder to kill anyone for money.
2. What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?
Ans. She received the message of the death of her husband.
3. What had the doctors told the old man?
Ans. They warned him of his impending death due to his weak heart.
4. Why did the old man take the steep path?
Ans. He did so to show that he was still healthy.
5. Why did Harry want to go back to the Earth?
Ans. He wanted so because the climate of Mars was very strange and severe.
6. How dangerous can a Martian virus be?
Ans. It can be so dangerous that it can change to physical appearance of the people.
7. What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?
Ans. He fell down and the large woman caught him.
8. Why didn't the boy run from the house of the woman?
Ans. He didn't do so because he was impressed by her kind behaviour.
9. Why did George give the pocket-book to his employer?
Ans. He did so because he was unable to read its contents.
10. What made Hubert shameful?
Ans. To be called a liar made him shameful.
11. What was the subject discussed at the Club?
Ans. It was opportunity and determination.
12. What was the view-point of the parents of Gorgios?
Ans. They thought that opportunity and time were required for success.
13. Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
Ans. He did so to show affection and friendliness.
14. Why did the parents rebuke their sick daughter?
Ans. They rebuked her for her misbehaviour with the doctor.
15. What should be the role of a Qazi?
Ans. A Qazi should do justice to all.
16. Why did the king weep?
Ans. He wept in fear of God which the boy made him realize.
17. What was stuck in the camel's throat?
Ans. A melon was stuck in its throat.
18. What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers?
Ans. They got the grave of the woman dug by him and then beat him.
19. Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on fire?
Ans. They did so to make the smoke acrid and black.
20. Why are the locusts compared with bad weather?
Ans. They are compared because both are unforeseen calamities for crops.
21. What is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.?
Ans. Freedom, equality and brotherhood of his nation is his dream.
22. What should be the criterion of judgment for a person?
Ans. It should be the greatness of his character.
23. Why did Della sell her hair?
Ans. She sold her hair to buy a gift for Jim.
24. What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things?
Ans. Selling of the most valuable things is a sacrifice which strengthens love.
25. Describe Maulvi Abul's appearance.
Ans. Turban, walking stick, rings and bulging eyes count his appearance.
26. Write the names of Maulvi Adul's daughters. 
Ans. These are Mehrunnisa, Shamsun and Zabda. 
27. Why did people come out on the Mall?
Ans. They came out to amuse themselves. 
28. What kind of music was played in one of the restaurants?
Ans. A foreign orchestra was being played. 
29. What does the author like about Christmas?
Ans. He likes Christmas because it makes people good and generous. 
30. Why are the noble deeds always a great joy for the author?
Ans. It is because most people are instinctively boastful about their possessions. 

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