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Choose the best answer. 
1. The man peers out the glass. (breaks, peeps out, lifts, throws)
2. He picks up a discarded newspaper. (fresh, latest, colourful, abandoned)
3. She is sobbing and is out of breath. (laughing, smiling, weeping, singing)
4. Her hair is disheveled. (disordered, arranged, managed, stopped)
5. He'll be here. I'm scared. (frightened, brave, sacred, saved)
6. I could hear the water splashing under her feet. (sound of water, hissing of leaves, sound of birds, wind)
7. He is a nondescript sort of person. (uneducated, uninteresting, unintelligent, uncultured)
8. The girl lets out a muffled cry. (miserable, tragic, loud, suppressed)
9. The girl moves away suspiciously. (sharply, swiftly, doubtfully, angrily)
10. The piercing light of the flashlight is the only light in the room. (dim, colourful, penetrating, twinkling)
11. A luminous object arcs into view. (heavy, bright, beautiful, small)
12. Mr. Spelding looks unctuous. (kingly, flattering, cruel, wild)
13. The flying object has given rise to much irresponsible conjecture. (guessing, problem, trouble, basis)
14. Nor is it a spaceship as certain lunatic elements have suggested. (large, low, mad, sad)
15. They think that Kreton is wearing wrong costume. (shoes, love, custom, dress)
16. Poor fragile butterflies. (powerful, weak, beautiful, small)
17. If he's not an impostor. (writer, athlete, artist, cheater)
18. Are you deliberately trying to confuse me? (delightedly, dramatically, only, intentionally)
19. And Daddy will be deliriously happy. (excitedly, positively, curiously, politely)
20. Powers snarls and goes into study. (shouts, weeps, produces an angry sound, sneezes)
21. The barber shop is crowded with stuff. (void, vacant, packed, empty)
22. On the walls, on shelves, are many odds and ends. (common things, strange things, known things, unknown things)
23. Compose a symphony, paint a picture, write a book. (musical rhythm, book, play, poem)
24. All philosophies sound good. (delight, look, voices, hide)
25. Clay says, "Your fishing tackle is in the closet safe and sound". (undertaking, gear, pond, stew) 
26. Miss America, I presume. (bet, recollect, guess, deny)
27. Clark has scarcely noticed her. (blindly, hardly, keenly, rashly)
28. Roxanna has an assortment of shells. (net, bag, collection, cap)
29. Some people come back half dead of homesickness. (illness, fever, nostalgia, malaria)
30. Wozzeck is bewildered. (surprised, sad, happy, mad) 
31. Shoveling white steam over her shoulder. (emitting, glowing, smelling, snorting)
32. They slumber on with paws across. (stop, wake, sleep, walk)
33. They cherry is hung with bloom along the bough. (branch, bush, flower, fruit)
34. Now, of my three score years and ten. (twenty, thirty, forty, fifty)
35. Your diligent looking discover the lacking. (lazy, intelligent, hard working, quick)
36. Pyramid piled like cannon balls. (high up, conical, top linked, flat)
37. And with the same undulant grace. (air like, wave like, flowers like, storm like)
38. A time to rend, and a time to sew. (fill, shoot, tear, buy)
39. And on the pedestal these words appear. (base, front, upper part, back)
40. Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare. (huge, destroyed, shattered, powerful)
41. With whom should she solace? (comfort, join, divert, communicate)
42. Paralyzed force, gesture without motion. (poor, powerful, disabled, rich)
43. Self-honouring and God-drunk, is faith. (love of Allah, vine of Allah, wine of God, love of Prophet)
44. You whom this age's way so captivate! (confused, troublesome, fascinate, shocking)
45. Empty of concord is the soul of Europe. (reality, depth, harmony)
46. Flare up flames in heart to height. (arouse, fan up, break up, back up)
47. Sachu speaks of His sojourn pn earth. (permanent stay, temporary stay, wait, journey)
48. God is 'Hearing' to stop you from foul discourse. (talk, silence, deed, dress)
49. Through love wrath seems to be a mercy. (smile, laugh, mock, anger)
50. Trusting his images, he assumes their relevance. (undertakes, prefers, shows, supposes)


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