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Choose the best answer. 
1. What was the reward for pushing the button? ($25,000, $50,000, $5,000, $2,500)
2. Who in Norma's opinion, was the researcher? (a psychiatrist, a doctor, an eccentric millionaire, a murderer)
3. Why did the old man hunt for the squirrels? (to sell, to kill, to cook for meal, to pet)
4. What type of special tree was found by the old man? (cherry, apple, orange, coffee tree)
5. Which one of the cities was attacked? (Texas, Virginia, New York, New Jersey)
6. How many dollars did he demand to sell the metal? (two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred)
7. The boy washed his face on the direction of (police officer, his father, the woman, his uncle)
8. What did she suggest to the boy to look presentable? (to wash his face, to dress properly, to polish the shoes, to comb his hair)
9. The rich people gathered at a big hall (to watch a show, for a discussion, to hear a lecture, for a great meal)
10. Mr. Hubert was surprised and disturbed when the police officer asked him to accompany him to (the police station, the mayor's office, the court, the airport)
11. Jorkens said that a man who wanted to succeed had to be (an athlete, a determined person, a lucky man, a hardworking person)
12. The great throne-room had been turned into a kind of (swimming pool, gymnasium, stadium, race track)
13. The first name of the sick girl was (Mathilda, Helen, Ellen, Elizabeth)
14. The doctor was impressed by (the beauty of the child, the patience of the child, the patience of the parents, the picture of the child)
15. The slave had never experienced any (pleasure, calamity, rule, word)
16. Who was Nushirvan? (a slave, a sergeant, an accountan, a king of Persia)
17. What had happened to the throat of the old woman? (infectious, swollen, wounded, paining)
18. How was the quack treated when he had dug the grave? (honoured, rewarded, beaten well, fined)
19. How did the locusts attack the crops? (one by one, in groups, in swarms, in formations)
20. Locusts attack in the area of (one kilometer, ten kilometer, fifty kilometer, hundred kilometer)
21. What is the dream of Luther? (equality of high and low, rule of the Blacks, negation of Whites, the practice of brotherhood)
22. Which one is a desert state sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression? (Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia)
23. What price did Della receive of her hair? (ten dollars, fifteen dollars, twenty dollars, twenty-five dollars)
24. What did she buy for Jim? (a watch, a gold watch chain, a necktie, a shirt)
25. How much rupees did Maulvi Abul collect on every Eid? (150 to 200, 200-250, 500, 1000)
26. What did Zaibunnisa start teaching young girls? (The Holy Quran, embroidery, English, cooking)
27. What was the colour of the overcoat of the young man? (red, brown, green, black)
28. What were the names of two nurses who were on duty in the hospital? (Nasreen and Jamila, Shehnaz and Gill, Zakia and Surraya, Zahicla and Kausar)
29. How many shillings did the author subscribe to the fund for the unemployed? (four, five, six, eight)
30. The authour sent all his clothes to the (laundry, tailor shop, annual sale, rummage sale)
31. The Girl was coming from (the party, tour, a hill station, a station)
32. She saw the man dragging out of his car (the corpse of a woman, a sack, a statue, a dog)
33. Why did the Girl circle round and round into the wood? (to escape from the killer, to reach a safe place, to cheat a man, to save herself)
34. Who is after the Girl in "Heat Lightning"? (her brother, her friend, a dog, a killer)
35. The bus was late due to (rush, storm, accident, change in schedule)
36. How was the Girl saved from the killer? (by the first man, by the second man, by a dog, by a passenger)
37. Who is Roger Spelding? (a general, a soldier, a technician, a newscaster)
38. What according to Mr. Spelding flying object is? ( a meteor, a miracle, a drama, a spaceship)
39. Where did the spaceship land? ( on the roof o a building, in the fields, on a hill, in the lawn of Mrs. Spelding)
40. Kreton was dressed in the fashion of (1960, 1900, 1860, 1850)
41. General Powers thought that Kreton was a (scientist, spy, joker, pilot)
42. How many years are required to tell the story of travel? (one hundred, five hundred, one thousand, five thousand)
43. What did Harry invent? ( a device, a gadget, a philosophy, a radio) 
44. What is Harry's philosophy? (all is well, live and let live, take it easy, tit for tat)
45. What is Miss McCutcheon looking for? (a husband, a job, a house, a chance to teach)
46. Fenton Lockhart is a (writer, sailor, painter, doctor)
47. Wozzeck repairs (furniture, watches, shoes, cars)
48. The Writer buys the pearl from Clay and pays him (200 dollars, 500 dollars, 300 dollars, 100 dollars)
49. The round drops are brightened by (sunshine, rainbow, light, moon shine, star light)
50. The Night Mail reaches (in time, on time, before time, late)