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Answer the following questions. 
1. Why couldn't the girl describe the killer?
Ans. It was because she had not seen the killer clearly. 
2. What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car?
Ans. Her car ran out of the gas. 
3. Why did she ask for help from First Man?
Ans. She thought that the killer would be behind her. 
4. What was the condition of the weather?
Ans. It was stormy. There were flashes of lightning and bursts of thunder. 
5. How did Second Man accuse First Man of lying?
Ans. The second man had seen the girl and the first man was unwilling to tell him about her. 
6. Does the girl become suspicious of First Man?
Ans. No, she is not doubtful about him till the end. 
7. What is her impression about Second Man?
Ans. She considers him a killer but after his departure she thinks he is not. 
8. Why didn't she accompany Second Man?
Ans. It was because she thought that he was the man who had been chasing her. 
9. How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers?
Ans. He does so by hearing human minds and forming an invisible wall around him and his ship. 
10. What is the purpose of Kreton's visit?
Ans. He has come to take the charge of the world. 
11. How much advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of the earth?
Ans. It can control thoughts, read minds and has conquered death. 
12. Can the people of the earth compete with those of Kreton?
Ans. No, they cannot. Earth people are slave to their emotions. 
13. How damaging is violence in life?
Ans.Violence destroys peace. It invites sufferings, sorrows and wars. 
14. What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?
Ans. It would be a wonderful life scientifically like that of Kreton's people. 
15. How impressive were the morals of Kreton?
Ans. His tolerance, patience, politeness and harmlessness are very impressive. 
16. What is the role of General Powers in the Play?
Ans. He is set as a contrast with Kreton. He is just a screen to show the qualities of Kreton. 
17. What is the theme of Kreton's study?
Ans. The theme of his study is earth and its inhabitants. 
18. How does Kreton impress General Powers?
Ans. He does so by hearing his mind and building an invisible wall around him and his ship. 
19. Why is Harry sitting in the barber's chair?
Ans. He is getting his hair cut from Clay. 
20. What is Harry's philosophy?
Ans. It is, "Take it easy".
21. How much does Harry charge for haircut?
Ans. The regular price is one dollar but he takes a half or a quarter too. 
22. Why does Clay need money?
Ans. He needs it to bring his father back home and buy a gift for mother. 
23. What has happened to Clay's father?
Ans. Due to poverty, he has fought with his wife and left home. 
24. Who is Miss McCutcheon? How does she feel about her job?
Ans. She is a young lady teacher. She is confused about her job. 
25. What kind of haircut does Miss McCutcheon want?
Ans. She wants a poodle haircut. 
26. What does Clark give Harry? For what purpose?
Ans. He gives Harry thirty dollars for his own family. 
27. What does Clay believe is in the oyster? How much is its worth?
Ans. He believes that there is a big pearl in it costing three hundred dollars. 
28. Why do they want Wozzeck to come?
Ans. They want him to come to open the oyester. 
29. Who buys the oyster? How much does he pay?
Ans. The writer buys it for three hundred dollars. 
30. Does the writer open the oyster? Why not?
Ans. No, he does not. He knows that there is no pearl in it.

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