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              Lahore Board PAPER 2011 GROUP -II


Q.1.(a) chose the right option of the underlined words and fill up the bubbles.
i. Perhapes, i suppose this is one of those mysteries  will never slove.
 (miseries, misfortunes,secrets, pearls)
ii. Our  talk at the club was of opportunity and determination
 (chance, deterrence ,resolve , whim,)
iii. i told the parents that it was entirely up to them
(partially , swiftly ,completely happily)
iv. The melon was easily swallowed
(eaten ,expelled , vomited .thrown)
v. you have come here out of great and tribulation
(  fortunes , merriments , miseries ,joys)
vi.He glance back at the door
   (leaves ,sees ,touched , smells )
vii. He is middle aged ,unctuous resonant
  (thick voiced , clear voiced , chirpy voiced ,chirpy voiced )
viii.On the walls ,on the shelves are many odds and ends
ix. A time to rend  and a time of sew.
(fill, shoot,tear ,clutch)
x. Empty of concord is the soul of Europe .
(harmony , disunity , vigour ,strenght)
(b) Chose the right option for the following blanks   fill up the bubles.
 i. Normna put the package in a bottom cabinet and she intended to;
(Keep it safe, throw it out in the morning, get the reward , to make her friendly)
ii.The doctor asked the girl ,s first name .....
( for her parents , to keep rocord , to threaten her , to make her friendly)
iii.It was cold that induced people to.......
(go home ,wear overcoats, use woolen clothes , seek comfort in pleasure)
iv. the girl could see a man,s face pressed against the....
(wall ,window ,pillar, glass outside the door0
v. Fenton lockhart is a 
(writer ,sailor , painter, doctor)
(C) Chose the correct form of verb and fill up the bubbles.
i. He...........in the ground for a long time ;
(has been playing, plays , had played ,has played)
ii. He treated me as if ...........his servent.
(am , has been,was ,were)
iii.This is the car which i ...........last month 
(buy,have bought ,bought ,had bought)
iv. I am sure she.............if you ask work.
(come ,comes ,will come, came)
v. He ............his homework before the come guests came.
(finished ,has finished ,had finished ,had been finished)



Q.2 Write short answers of any six questions in words of your own.
i. Why did arthur  disagree with his wife
ii. in the story "Clearing in th sky" What had the doctor told the old man?
iii.Why did people make fun of Hubert,s innocence
iv. What were the arrangement made for the functions of inauguration ?
v. Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
vi.Why are the locusts compared with bad weather ?
vii. What was the appearance of the young man in the story "Overcoat"
Viii. What should be the faith of Negroes ?
ix. At what stage of the journey in his dream did Jerome hear the throbbing sound of wing?
Q.3 Write short answers of any five question .
 i. Who save the life of the girl in the play"Heat Lightening"?
ii. What was the condition of Girl when she run out of gas?
iii.What was the impression of Kreton on the seeing the inside of house of Mr. spelding?
iv.How did Ellen defend Jhon?
v. What were the restrictions imposed on Mr. Spelding ?
vi Where does the the play ."The oyster and the pearl " take place?
vii. What is harry,s philosophy ?Is it applicable today?
viii. who is Miss MeCutcheon? How does she feel about her job?
Q.4. Write short answer any four question .
i.What is the moral lesson of the poem In broken image?
ii.What are the things that keep a person alive as described in "the delight song"?
iii. What are the attributes meritioned in the poem God attributes /
iv. Why does a person feel helpless on the death of a friend ?
v.What is the theme of the poem 'Ozymandias '?
vi. How do you sheep dogs behave when the Night Mail approaches ?

                                     (Section -ii)

Q.5.Write a letter to your Uncle Thanking him for a gift on your birthday.
OR.Write an application  to the principal of your college for issuance of charter certificated .
Q.6. Write a story on the moral lessons "God helps those helps themselves.
OR."Might is Right "
Q7.(a)Explain the following lines with reference to the context.
                                            Past  cotten-grass and moorland boulder ,
                                            Shovelling  white steam over her shoulder "
                                          Snorting noisily ,she passes 
                                           Silent miles of wind -bent grasses
(b)punctuate the following extract from book 1
 mr. steward looked emabrassed i am afraid i am not at liberty to tell you that he said however i assure you the oragnization is of international scope 
(c) Use any five the following pairs of the words in sentence of your own.
i. Allusion ;Illusion  ii. Bail;Bale        iii. Custom Habit 
iv, Judicial ;Judicious v. marry ;merry    vi. profit ;Prophet  vii. Sight ;site
Q.8.Translate the following passage into urdu;
" Remember when we used to come here to hunt fox squirrels ? Remember when we sat beneath these hickories and the Squirrels threw green hickory shells down at us ?
The morning wind just at the break of the day in August was so good to breathe. I cannot forget those days. And in October winds blew they rustled  the big leaves had turned like yellow and when the October winds blue they rustled the big leaves from the trees and they fell like tallow rain drops to the ground Remember 

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