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             LAHORE BOARD PAPER 2011 GROUP _1


Q.NO.1:(a) Chose the right option of the underlined words and fill up the bubbles
i.                  Jorkens  said that the man should arranged competition 
                   ( contest, play , program, sermon)
ii.              The doctor got furious 
               ( hopeful, disappointed, angry, delighted)
iii.             Sheikh Sadi is prepetually  modern
                 ( eternally , lazily, wrongly, swiftly)
iv.            Finally ,the quack perceived his mistake
                (rejected, ignored ,understood, cleared)
v.             The country side was devastated and mangled.
              (beautiful, ruined ,planted ,fertile)
vi.           The girl lets out a muffled cry.
             (willful,delightful, suppressed ,load)
vii.        Mr. Spelding  looks unctuous.
           ( kingly , flattering ,cruel , wild)
viii. Roxanna had an assortment of shells.
       (a net , a bag ,a set , a cap)
ix. Our gestures are without motion.
     (suggestions, idleness, actions , laziness)
x..   To have no faith is worse than slavery.
        ( bondage ,freedom, liberty, hope)
(b) chose the right options for the following blanks and fill up the bubbles
i. How many children did Jess,s old father have?
   (three, four ,five , six)
ii. What did the quack claim to cure?
   (fever,  dephtheria, goitry, cholera)
iii. what price della receive of her hair.
    (ten dollars , fifteen dollars , twenty dollars, twenty five dollars)
iv. How far was the girl going?
    (four miles, eight miles, twelve miles, sixteen miles,)
v.What is Miss MeCutchcheon looking for?
   (a husband, a job ,a house., a chance of teach)
(C) Chose the correct form of the verb and fill up the bubbles.   ,
i. They ------------- their work so far.
  (did not finish. finished, have not finish. do not finish)
ii.it ---------- every day so far this week
   (rains, will rains rained, has rained)
iii.I ---------- for Karachi tomorrow
    (am leaving, leave ,left ,will have been leaving)
iv. I thanked them for what they------for me
     (has done ,had done ,will do ,would do
v.When he -------I wil let you know
     (arrive ,arrives, arrived ,will arrive)


                         (Sections -1)

Q.NO.2:Write short answers of any six questions in word of your own:
i. What was the last conversation between Norma and Mr.steward of the lesson?
ii.How dangerous can a Martian virus be?
iii.Why did the woman not watch the boy while preparing a dish?
iv. What did Terbut think of Jorkens arguments ?
v. What was the condition of the parents on the arrival of the doctor ?
vi. Why did the boy look to the sky and smile?
vii.What was cause of Negros discontentment?
viii.Why did Della feel sad no losing her hair?
ix. What was Abdul,s turban know as end where did it originally come from?
Q.NO.3:Write short answers of any questions 
i. Why could the girl not describe the killer?
ii. What was the circumstance that forced the purpose of Kreton,s visit?
iii. How does Kreton  prove his extraordinary powers?
iv. what is the purpose of Kreton visit ?
v.How much advanced is the civilization of Kreton then that of earth?
vi. Why is Harry Setting in the barber's chairs?
vii.What is harry 's philosophy ?can it be applied in this page?
viii. Why does Clay need money?
Q.NO.4: Write short answers any four questions.
  i. What does the 'Night Mail' bring?
ii. Describe any two dangers in the valley of  'O Where are you going.
iii.Describe the Karachi slums .
iv. What does the traveller  see in the desert ?
v. How do the voice of Hollow men resemble?
vi.What was made the efforts of the Muslims fruitless according to Iqbal?
vii.What are the effects of the Attributes of God?


Q.NO.5;Write a letter to your friend about the profession you wish to adopt.
0R. Write an applications to the principles of your college for the change of subjects .
Q.NO.6: Write a story on the moral lesson :"kindness never goes Unrewarded .
OR. "Pride hath a fall"
Q.NO.7:(a) Explain the following lines with reference to the context.
                                 "A time to rend.
                                  And to time to sew;
                                  A time to keep silence
                                  And a time to speak.......
(b) Punctuate with the following extract from book-1
     i was seen with the pocketbook who saw me mr manna the harness man saw your pick up the pocketbook
(c) Use any five the following pairs of words in sentence of your own .
i Cease;Seize ii. way, Weigh; iii. tener;tenure.iv. Hew; Hue
iv.Rain;Rein  vi.Temper ;Tamper vii.vale ;veil
Q.NO.8; Translate the following passage into urdu.
     It is reakted that while a dear was being roasted for Nushivran 'a king of persia ,famous for justice ,no salt could be found . A boy was sent to a Village to bring some salt. the boy bought it and presented to the kind who asked whether he had  paid for it."NO".said the boy "pay for the salt"said the king .'lest it should become a custom and the village be ruined

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