Sunday, 30 November 2014

First Year English Guess Paper 2015

MCQ's (Synonyms) - Short Stories
Choose the best answer. 
1. Mr. Steward looked embarrassed. (successful, delighted, mysterious, upset)
2. Impulsively, she dropped them into her purse. (fortunately, probably, knowingly, instinctively)
3. Norma made a scoffing sound. (harsh, musical, mocking, soft)
4. Arthur stared at her, appalled. (amazed, happily, emotionally, terrified)
5. Norma made a contemptuous noise. (scornful, beautiful, faint, careful) 
6. Norma walked into the kitchen numbly. (staggering, feelinglessly, calmly, fearfully)
7. I could not protest to him now. (oppose, hurt, recommend, offend)
8. "Look at this Jess!" he bragged. (challenged, said, boasted, swore)
9. The long boughs of pines were fondling the substance of a white cloud. (caressing, hiding, peeping, covering) 
10. I had never seen anything extraordinary upon this high point of rugged land. (hard, soft, fertile, uneven)
11. My curiosity was aroused. (despair, eagerness, anger, joy)
12. He answered me curtly. (politely, roughly, civilly, openly) 
13. The wind blew as if to flake away their identities. (break, recognize, remind, make out)
14. Harry asked his children if they had been prowling up in the ruins. (sleeping, digging, looking, roaming) 
15. Laura stumbled through the settlement. (staggered, passed happily, walked vividly, strolled)
16. He was drenched in the hotness of his fear. (soaked, pushed, found, escaped)
17. He looked with dismay at their house. (gloom, joy, success, triumph)
18. She shook him until his teeth rattled. (broke, clattered, shown, removed)
19. He looked as if he were fourteen or fifteen, frail and willow-wild. (tall, healthy, short, weak)
20. "I want a pair of blue suede shoes, "said the boy. (rubber, leather, canvas, plastic)
21. The woman did not ask anything that could embarrass him. (make to feel ashamed, put him to trouble, torture, punish) 
22. The mayor was a stout serious man. (ugly, handsome, heavy, thin)
23. Mr. Hubert furiously lifted his hand. (angrily, pleasantly, tactfully, foolishly)
24. People called Mr. Hubert old rascal. (leader, peasant, rouge, master)
25. The grave of Hubert withstood the havocs of the flood. (destruction, grief, waves, extremes)
26. It only remained then to inaugurate him. (end, close, open, initiate) 
27. His thin figure was made all the more melancholy by the tight-fitting uniform. (gloomy, graceful, healthy, active)
28. Gentle applause broke out from every hand for Gorgios. (curse, clapping, dislike, abuse)
29. I ground my teeth in disgust. (happiness, sadness, outrage, gloom)
30. She shrieked terrifyingly, hysterically. (over-excitedly, sheepishly, sorrowfully, dejectedly) 
31. She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret. (comically, bravely, cowardly, furiously)
32. Sheik Saadi is perpetually modern. (eternally, lazily, wrongly, swiftly)
33. The slave had never experienced any calamity. (pleasure, happiness, disaster, bitterness)
34. The foundation of oppression was small. (justice, cruelty, pressure, beggary)
35. The melon was easily swallowed. (eaten, expelled, vomited, thrown)
36. These camels are of prodigious size. (small, medium, ordinary, enormous)
37. She was a feeble old woman. (weak, meek, cheerful, beautiful)
38. The smoke was rising from myriads of fire. (acrid, heaps, flames, heat)
39. The sunlight was perverted. (diverted, fierce, lovely, burning)
40. The countryside was devastated and mangled. (beautified, ruined, planted, fertile)
41. Luther said that unearned suffering is redemptive. (redeeming, unjust, hard, mild)
42. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. (enjoy, see, stumble, sing)
43. Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of California. (having curves, lofty, low, high)
44. Love and large-hearted giving leave sad marks. (generous, trivial, significant, tiny)
45. Maulvi Abul had slightly bulging eyes. (narrow, big, swelling, tiny)
46. Chaudhry Fatehdad reprimanded him for a mistake. (remind, reproved, taunted, appreciated)
47. Chaudhry Fatehdad's censure was purely religious. (reaction, decision, disapproval, statement)
48. He was enjoying his promenade in the bitter cold. (pleasure walk, wandering, cat walk, evening walk)
49. The pavement was thronged with pedestrians. (dirty, void, empty, packed)
50. The author had a vexing dream one night. (troublesome, pleasing, long, lovely)


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