Friday, 11 April 2014

First Year English (PB) - Guess Paper 2014

Important Paragraphs for Translation
Paragraph No. 7
    When they finished eating, she got up and said. "Now here, take this ten dollars and buy yourself some blue suede shoes. And next time, do not make the mistake of latching onto my pocketbook nor anybody else's -- because shoes got by devilish ways will burn your feet. I got to get my rest now. But from here on in, son, I hope you will behave yourself."
Paragraph No. 8
     There were chickens, pigeons and legs of mutton in the roast and an appetizing odour of roast, beef. Leaf and gravy dripping over the browned skin, which increased the appetite and made everybody's mouth water. Everyone told his affairs, his purchases and sales. The diners discussed the crops and the weather which was favourable for the green things but not for wheat. Suddenly, at the sound of drum beat in the court every body rose from the seats except a few ones who still had the food in their hands. 
Paragraph No. 9
     Our talk at the Club one day was of opportunity and determination. Some said opportunity was required for success, and millions never had it; others that only determination was needed. And then Jorkens joined in, all for determination. If a man was determined to get anything, and stuck to it long enough, he got it, said Jorkens. 

First Year English Guess Paper
Paragraph No. 10
     In the final unreasoning assault I overpowered the child's neck and jaws. I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged. And there it was - both tonsils covered with membrane. She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret. She had been hiding that sore throat for three days at least and lying to her parents in order to escape just such an outcome as this. 
Paragraph No. 11
     Once a king and a Persian slave were sailing in the same boat. The slave had never been at sea, and never experienced any calamity. After some-time the boat was hit by a storm and started tossing. It was very inconvenient for the passengers. All remained quiet except the slave who in fear of being drowned began to cry and tremble, and created inconvenience for the others. The others tried to pacify him by kindness and affection but he didn't hear anybody. When the uneasiness lasted longer the king also became displeased.
Paragraph No. 12 
     One evening, as the sun was setting, some travellers stayed to rest under a clump of trees, and loosening their camels, set them to graze. It happened that one of the animals entered a melon-field, and that a melon stuck in its throat. The owner, seeing this and fearing to lose the animal, tied a blanket round its throat, and then struck the place with all his might. Instantly the melon broke in the throat of the camel, and it was then easily swallowed.

Second Year English - Guess Paper