Thursday, 30 January 2014

MCQ's - Correct Form of Verb
Choose the best answer. 
1. They __________ exercise daily. (take, have taken, have been taking, will be taking)
2. They usually __________ to Murree in summer. (went, will go, have gone, go)
3. I __________ to the cinema quite often. (go, shall go, have gone, going)
4. Unless you _________ hard, you cannot succeed. (do not work, worked, had worked, work)
5. I __________ to Islamabad tomorrow morning. (shall go, went, had gone, was going)
6. He __________ in a quiz compition next week. (participates, participated, will participate, was participating) 
7. You __________ a shock when you open that box. (got, has got, had got, will get)
8. Children __________ the road carefully. (has to cross, must cross, have to cross, are to cross)
9. I wish, he __________ the match. (may win, will win, has won, had won)
10. Work hard lest you __________. (will fail, should fail, failed, had failed) 
11. The sun __________ in the East. (rise, rises, rose, will rise)
12. This is the girl who __________ me. (guides, guided, will guide, have guided)
13. It __________ everyday so far this week. (rains, will rain, rained, has been raining)
14. It usually __________ here in this month. (rained, has rained, rains, has been raining)
15. When he __________, I will let you know. (arrive, arrives, arrived, will arrive)
16. If he _________ hard, he will pass. (work, works, working, worked)
17. Truth always __________. (triumphed, triumphs, has triumphed, triumph)
18. A drowning man _________ at a straw. (catch, catches, had caught, was caught)
19. Honesty never __________ wasted. (go, goes, went, gone)
20. A black sheep __________ the whole flock. (spoil, spoils, had spoiled, spoiled) 
21. The baby __________ for milk. (cries, is crying, has been crying, has cried)
22. I __________ for Multan tomorrow. (am leaving, leave, left, will have been leaving)
23. He __________ a lie. (tell, was told, is told, is telling)
24. Someone __________ at the door. (is knocking, knock, has knocked, had knocked)
25. As it is a lovely morning, the birds __________ (have chirp, are chirping, has chirped, might chirped)
26. We __________ in this house since 1990. (have been living, will live, lived, lived, are living)
27. The clerks __________ on strike since Monday. (were, have been, will be, are)
28. It __________ drizzling since morning. (has been, will have, shall have, should have been)
29. She __________ her child for two years. (had nursed, has been nursing, nurses, is nursing)
30. He __________ in the ground for a long time. (has been playing, plays, had played, has played)
31. She __________ a diamond set on her birthday. (gave, gives, has given, was giving)
32. My friend __________ a car last week. (bought, has bought, will buy, had bought)
33. The firework __________ at midnight. (started, start, had started, is starting)
34. We __________ a match yesterday. (played, had played, were played, will play)
35. He __________ there last year. (go, went, gone, goes)
36. They __________ him two days before. (buried, bury, shall have buried, had buried)
37. I __________ to Karachi yesterday. (goes, go, went, will go)
38. He __________ himself while running. (hurt, had hurt, hurting, hurts)
39. Time once gone cannot be __________ . (recall, recalls, recalled, recalling)
40. Would that I __________ rich. (was, am, were, have been) 
41. The principal has just __________ a speech. (make, will make, can make, made)
42. I thanked them for what they __________ for me. (has done, had done, will do, would do)
43. The patient __________ before the doctor arrived. (had died, died, will die, dies)
44. It __________ before I came out. (rains, will be raining, had rained, have rained)
45. He __________ his homework before the guests came. (finished, has finished, had finished, had been finished)
46. If I had worked hard, I __________ (would have pass, should have pass, would have passed, would pass) 
47. If he had come, I __________ him. (would help, will help, had helped, would have helped)
48. When he __________ all his newspapers, he'll go home. (has sold, is selling, had sold, will sell)
49. When you come, I __________ the boys. (will have taught, have been teaching, had been teaching,  am teaching) 
50. He __________ this novel by tomorrow morning. (finishes, finished, will have finished, has finished) 

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