Thursday, 16 May 2013


1. Accept: She has decided not to accept the job.
Except: Everyone was present at the party except Ali.
2. Access: He has not access to the minister.
Excess: Excess of money makes people proud.
3. Affection: She has great affection for her husband.
Affection: Aslam likes affectation in every matter.
4. Allusion: Milton's poetry is full of allusions.
Illusion: This life is an illusion.
5. Amiable: Her amiable nature makes her lovable.
Amicable: He has amicable relations with his family.
6. Ballet: I like Chinese ballet.
Ballot: He was elected by ballot.
7. Baron: Baron is a social rank in England.
Barren: Do not buy this barren land.
8. Canon: We should follow the canons of Islam.
Cannon: The cannon was firing in the battlefield.
9. Canvas: I like canvas shoes for morning walk.
Canvass: Candidates are canvassing these days.
10. Cast: We should cast our votes.
Caste: I do not believe in caste and creed.
11. Cease: He ordered his soldiers to cease fire.
Seize: I tried to seize the pistol from him.
12. Cue: Ali gave him a cue to solve the riddle.
Queue: There was a long queue outside the bank.
13. Corps: Aslam serves the medical corps of Army
Corpse: I saw a corpse on the bank of the river yesterday.
14. Council: Our college council is very active.
Counsel: The counsel of teachers is vital.
15. Deceased: The deceased was buried.
Diseased: He uprooted the diseased plant.
16. Empire: He has set up a business empire.

Umpire: An umpire should be honest.
17. Fair: We must play fair.

Fare: Aslam paid the train fair.
18. Farther: We cannot go farther because it is dark now.

Further: There is no need of giving further explanation.
19. Judicial: A policeman has no judicial powers.

Judicious: Her judicial remarks impressed me a lot.
20. Lessen: We should lessen our expenditures.

Lesson: I always learn my lesson.
21. Lose: Aslam lost his book in the college.

Loose: Loose shirts are not in fashion now.
22. Marry: She will not marry a poor man.

Merry: Forget your past and be merry.
23. Principal: The principal of our college is very generous.

Principle: Quaid-e-Azam was a man of principles.
24. Sight: The sight after rain is very soothing.

Site: This site is for sale.
25. Sole: The sole of this shoe is made of leather.

Soul: The soul of man is immortal.
26. Team: A cricket team has eleven players.

Teem: This well teems with insects.
27. Tenor: This work has changed the tenor of my life.

Tenure: The tenure of National Assembly is five years.
28. Vacation: We enjoyed summer vacation a lot.

Vocation: Teaching is my vocation.
29. Vale: The vale of Kashmir is very beautiful.

Veil: Veil is obligatory for Muslim women. 
30. _____: I asked my teacher the meaning of ---------.

_____: I searched the meaning of -------- in the dictionary.

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